Oil+ instructions

The perfect impulse for extra energy. Natural oil-extract consisting of sunflower pits, maize, soy, linseed, peanuts, wheat germ and lecithin.

  • Fantastic support for the immune system.
  • Drastic improvement of the condition and the energy-level of the pigeon.
  • Extends the essential fat-reserves (lecithin) of the body.
  • Ideal binder to stick powders to the food.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Racing pigeons often are expected to make ultimate efforts that pressurize the immune system and therefore also the condition of the pigeons. Oils are building materials that are of great importance to bring AND keep the condition of the body to the right level. Combat Oil+ contains a broad band of oils that ensures pigeons lose no energy in case of heavy efforts. Combat Oil+ also supports the health in situations of stress or after a cure with antibiotics. It also improves the energy-management in the racing season and while breeding. Besides Combat Oil+ ensures a shining plumage and it strengthens the intrinsic health of young pigeons.

USE: The entire year through 2-3 times a week. Very suitable as binder to stick powder to the food. In the racing season supply 2-3 days before basketing, to enable Combat Oil+ to optimize the energy level of the body towards a new effort. Also supply on a frequent base before the start of breeding, as Combat Oil+ improves fertility and the general condition. 2 days a week Combat Oil+ during moult realizes a shining plumage.

DOSE: 10-15 ml per 1 kg of food and divide good over the food. Do not exceed the advised dose. No substitute for varied pigeon food mixtures. Not for human consumption and not for pigeons meant for consumption.

CONTENT: 500 ml

STORAGE: Keep tightly closed in a cool and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.