Electro+ instructions

The high concentrated composition of essential electrolytes in combination with vitamins. Build up from a base of amino acids and glucose.

  • Direct replenishment of risen shortages after efforts.
  • The essential first step in the preparation for new performances.
  • Stops reduction of the endurance.
  • Recovers intestinal flora and makes sure pigeons with bad droppings feel better quickly.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: In case of efforts the pigeons lose essential substances that influence the condition. By direct supply of Combat Electro+ after efforts the shortages are replenished very quickly. Combat Electro+ distinguishes itself by the high concentration of electrolytes in combination with vitamins that ensure very quick recovery.

USE: Supply at arrival from a race until eventually the day after to replenish the shortages. Also during the whole breeding and moulting period where pigeons need a lot of extra energy Combat Electro+ replenished shortages. In this period supply twice a week.

DOSE: 2g per litre of water. Do not exceed the recommended quantity. No replacement for the regular pigeon food mixtures. Not for human consumption and not for pigeons meant for consumption.

CONTENT: 250 gram of 500 gram.

STORAGE: In a dry place between 15-25 degrees. Keep out of reach of children. Always reseal after use.

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