Complete Recovery+ instructions

An indispensable supplement in modern pigeon racing for full recovery of racing pigeons!

  • The most complete recovery-product in modern pigeon racing.
  • Your pigeons recover optimally from heavy efforts.
  • Composed especially for total recovery on the way to new top performances.
  • Unsurpassed effect because of the perfect balance between the components.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: The ideal supplement for a complete recovery of racing pigeons after heavy efforts! Your pigeons recover optimally from hard labour, what enables you to start preparations for new top performances with pigeons that are free of shortages. It makes Combat Complete Recovery+ an indispensable supplement in modern pigeon racing! Combat Complete Recovery+ thanks its unsurpassed effect to the perfect balance between the different ingredients.

USE: Supply Combat Complete Recovery+ at arrival after the race and on the morning after the racing day. Combat Complete Recovery+ is also an ideal supplement in the breeding season to keep the pigeons in optimal condition by supplying it 2 days a week. During moulting season Combat Complete Recovery+ is perfect to ensure an optimal growth of the feathers.

DOSE: 10g per litre of water or per kg of food for 20 pigeons. Do not exceed the advised dose. No substitute for varied pigeon food mixtures. Not for human consumption and not for pigeons meant for consumption.

CONTENT: 250 gram or 500 gram.

STORAGE: In a dry place between 15-25 degrees. Keep out of reach of children. Always reseal after use.