Combat JP Impulse+


Highly effective iodine product that specifically stimulates the general condition.

Highly effective iodine product that specifically stimulates the general condition and therefore the activity of racing pigeons.

  • The guarantee to reach the absolute top form.
  • Stimulates the general condition and the physique of the pigeon.
  • Replenishes shortages in periods of heavy efforts.
  • Improves the appetite and ensures the ideal absorption and transport of oxygen.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: The genial iodine product that is indispensable for the optimal use of energy by a racing pigeon. During heavy efforts it is of evident importance to reach a maximal efficiency when it comes to procession of oxygen in order to keep the energy-management at the right level. Combat JP Impulse+ raises the concentration of oxygen in the blood and therefore it offers the ideal prior conditions for good training sessions and optimal results during the races. With as result a very high fitness, what shows in the looks of the pigeon; the organs all function optimally!

USE: During the racing season 1-2 days in the beginning of the week. For the start of breeding 10 consecutive days and afterwards 2 days a week for optimal support.

DOSE: 5ml per litre of water for 20 pigeons. Do not exceed the advised dose. No substitute for varied pigeon food mixtures. Not for human consumption and not for pigeons meant for consumption.

CONTENT: 500 ml

STORAGE: In a dry place between 15-25 degrees. Keep out of reach of children. Always reseal after use.

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