Combat Booster Pink+


Perfect adjustment to the needs of racing pigeons towards heavy efforts.

The super boosting product towards success. Revolutionary composition of essential ingredients. Perfect adjustment to the needs of racing pigeons towards heavy efforts.

  • The extra lift to reach top performances.
  • Enables your pigeons to make that extra step on the races.
  • The best lead out to the match in modern pigeon racing.
  • Balanced composition of components in high concentration.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: As last step in the preparation for a match, Combat Booster Pink+ offers the last stimulant for maximal use of the muscular strength and therefore optimal profit of the endurance. Well trained pigeons get extra spirit by the extraordinary effect on the vitality of the pigeons realized by Combat Booster Pink+. It motivates pigeons to give all until the last meters. Combat Booster Pink+ is therefore of priceless value towards the races on which the fancier has his special focus.

USE: In the racing season on the last 2 days before basketing. Optimal effect when supplied varying weekly with Combat Booster Blue+.

DOSE: 5g per litre of water or 1 kg of food. Do not exceed the recommended quantity. No replacement for the regular pigeon food mixtures. Not for human consumption and not for pigeons meant for consumption.

CONTENT: 150 gram and also available as 150 capsules for individual treatment.

STORAGE: In a cool dark place away from sunlight, heat or humid areas. Keep out of reach of children. Always reseal after use.

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